Friday, April 16, 2010

CupcakeCamp Boston - A Success!

CupcakeCamp Boston took place last night and it was a huge success!! The line of cupcake eaters started forming well before 7pm, and stretched down the block. Luckily everyone got in and there were plenty of cupcakes to go around. Thank you to everyone who brought cupcakes to share and everyone who came to enjoy the cupcakes!

The final tally is...
470 cupcake eaters and approximately 3,000 cupcakes!

We hope you enjoyed CupcakeCamp. It was nothing short of a pleasure to put this event together and see all the happy and satisfied attendants. We look forward to planning the next CupcakeCamp Boston. I received a lot of comments last night along the lines of "This is amazing, will it happen again?!" and "Wow, this should happen every week!" The truth is, CupcakeCamp happens because of the enthusiasm and generosity of all the participants. As long as you guys keep wanting to share your cupcakes and celebrate them, CupcakeCamps will keep happening.

Be sure to check out the flickr pool and add any photos that you took last night.
Below are a few, courtesy of Michael Ginsburg.

View the rest here (soon to be added to the pool).

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Once again, thank you to everyone who came out last night. Coming up tomorrow: raffle winners, thank yous and shout outs to all of the phenomenal bakers.

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