Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet the Bakers: Cupcake Mojo

Today I'm going to introduce another one of the professional bakers who will be attending Cupcake Camp. Today's Meet the Bakers feature will highlight Cupcake Mojo. Cupcake Mojo is a mother-daugther duo who call themselves Cupcake Queens who are obsessed with cupcakes. They are from Weymouth, MA and are hoping to open a shop soon.

As I mentioned, Cupcake Mojo is a family operation. Even their name has some meaning. The initials CM for Cupcake Mojo just happen to be the same as their names, Christina and Maureen. CM supports local events and charities in need and love the joy baking cupcakes brings to people.

I had the opportunity to taste some of their cupcakes. Maureen dropped off some of the Strawberry Margarita and Nana's Whoopie Cakes. Be sure to check out their extensive list of flavors on their website.

The cupcakes came in a white bag with a Cupcake Mojo sticker on it. The handles were tied together with a few pieces of different colored ribbon. I was impressed with the packaging. Once I took the cupcake containers out of the bag, I found two clear plastic containers of 6 cupcakes each. Each container was sealed with another Cupcake Mojo sticker. I like the clear containers because you can see what you're getting in to.

My mom and I headed out to dinner shortly after Maureen dropped off the cupcakes. We didn't end up tasting the cupcakes until the next day. Since the cupcakes sat out on the counter, the strawberry margarita frosting melted a little bit. It was still delicious.

My mom and I sat down to try the cupcakes and we were both really impressed. The strawberry margarita cupcake definitely tasted like a margarita. The frosting was great. I could have just eaten that frosting with a spoon!

The Nana's whoopie cake had a LOT of frosting on top of a fluffy chocolate cupcake. It was also really tasty.

Cupcake Mojo is growing and will cater to specific needs. Check them out at, on Twitter @cupcakeMoJo, or on Facebook. Be sure to check them out at Cupcake Camp on April 13th.

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