Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet the Bakers: VCVC Cupcakes

I've got another bakery to introduce you to today. Today's Meet the Baker profile is featuring VCVC Cupcakes. VCVC Cupcakes is based in Melrose, MA and Cathy is more than happy to work with people to customize their cupcake order.

Cathy brought me a dozen cupcakes to taste. I got coconut creme, peanut butter me up, and
pumpkin butterscotch with pumpkin rum buttercream. The cupcakes came in a brown box with a VCVC Cupcakes sticker on the top. I like the pink and brown logo - so cute!

As you can see, the coconut creme cupcakes had a beautiful fondant flower on the top of each cupcake. The cupcake and frosting weren't overly coconuty. It was more of a subtle coconut cupcake, which I appreciated.

The pumpkin flavor had a strong flavor of rum in the frosting. I love rum so I really enjoyed it. Sometimes when alcohol gets added to frosting, the flavor get dilluted by the sugar.

The peanut butter me up cupcake is for the serious peanut butter lover. It had a half of a peanut butter cup on the top of the cupcake and whole peanut butter cup baked into the chocolate cupcake. And of course, the frosting was a peanut butter buttercream.

VCVC Cupcakes can be found at their website, on Facebook, or at their blogBe sure to check them out at Cupcake Camp on April 13th.

And, check this out! VCVC Cupcakes is on Eversave - $18 for a dozen creative made-to-order cupcakes from VCVC Cupcakes ($36 value). Click here to get in on the deal.

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