Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet the Amateur Bakers - Erin from The Sweetest Times

How long have you been baking?
About 2 years

What is your favorite thing to bake?
Everything! Cupcakes and cakes are probably my favorite - I love frosting! But cookies are fun too, and less time consuming!

What is the most challenging thing you've ever baked?
Chocolate Espresso Souffle - it did NOT turn out well :)

What is your favorite ingredient?
Can I name 2? Chocolate and Peanut Butter!

What is your favorite cookbook or recipe resource?
Joy of Cooking and The Pioneer Woman

Do you have a blog?
The Sweetest Times

How long have you been blogging?
2 months!

What is the one baked good you're know for or would like to be known for?
I don't think I am known for any outside of my family, but I'd like to be known for cupcakes (I'm a little obsessed, if you haven't noticed)!

Are you on Twitter? If so, what is your Twitter name?

What will you be baking for Cupcake Camp?
Girl Scout Thin Mint Cupcakes

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