Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meet the Amateur Bakers - Kat Keenan

How long have you been baking?
3 Years

What is your favorite thing to bake?
Any type of cake with fondant- I make homemade fondant from a recipe that I found online, which uses a bag of marshmallows instead of the gelatin... so the fondant tastes as good as the cake!

What is the most challenging thing you've ever baked?
Baklava- a Mediterranean pastry made of layers of filo pastry dough filled with chocolate, butter, and chopped nuts, or syrup and honey. This recipe was tricky because you had to make sure none of the layer of filo dough ripped... but it ended up turning out great

What is your favorite ingredient?

What is your favorite cookbook or recipe resource?
Hello Cupcakes!

Do you have a blog? If so what is the URL?
Kat Eats Cake

How long have you been blogging?
only 3 weeks

What is the one baked good you're know for or would like to be known for?
Cake pops!!!
Little bit size cake balls rolled up, covered in chocolate, and placed on a stick YUM

What will you be baking for Cupcake Camp?
Chocolate Oreo cupcakes- filled with a creamy marshmallow filling
Decorated with Oreo sunflowers

Feel free to include any additional information about yourself, your baking, your favorite baking story, etc
Im a 16 year old amateur baker:
Here is another one of my creations- "Cookie Dough Filled Cupcakes"
Chocolate chip cookie dough cake, filled with egg-free cookie dough, topped with brown sugar frosting, and a giant chocolate chip cookie

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