Thursday, May 17, 2012

Meet the Amateur Bakers - Christina from All's Fare Food Blog

How long have you been baking?
Umm, since I was a teenager. It’s always been my stress relief. During exam times in high school and college, I would always make cookies or brownies. Now, when I have a stressful day at the office, I come home and make a couple dozen cupcakes to feed my co-workers or my wonderful husband!

What is your favorite thing to bake?
What else? Cupcakes!

What is the most challenging thing you've ever baked?
A caramel apple cheesecake. It was my first cheesecake ever. My husband and I had just moved into a new apartment and I was learning the stove and oven. First, my cheesecake rose really high in the oven – nearly touching the heating element – and it freaked me out. Then, when I was trying to make the caramel topping, I learned the lesson that “butter burns.” I soon found out we have a very good smoke alarm system in our apartment!

What is your favorite ingredient?
I love using weird ingredients – like vegetables in desserts and then people don’t know they’re good for them. For instance, the other day I made cookie dough dip that was dairy-free, sugar-free and made with cannellini beans. But, it tasted wicked amazing! I’ve also had great luck with beet cupcakes. I just think people need more veggies in their lives.

What is your favorite cookbook or recipe resource?
I LOVE my America’s Test Kitchen cookbook. I’m a kinda big nerd so I love all the science behind why things work in the kitchen or the different chemical reactions in foods. Whenever, I’m looking for a good starting point, I pull out that cookbook. Recently, I’ve found tons of great recipes through Pinterest. It’s a food lover’s paradise!

Do you have a blog? If so what is the URL?
All's Fare Food Blog

How long have you been blogging?
Oh wow, a trip down memory lane! It will be two years in July. It came in quite handy when I lost my job in Aug. 2010. Now, that I’m fully employed again and, unfortunately, dealing with some health issues, I haven’t been able to give it as much attention to as I’ve hoped in the past six months.

What is the one baked good you're know for or would like to be known for?
I would probably have to say my Chocolate Zucchini Cuppies with Peanut Butter Frosting. It was the only time I’ve seen people hoard my baked goods! I guess once I get zucchini in this year’s CSA crops, I’ll be making that one a few times.

Are you on Twitter? If so, what is your Twitter name?
@crelacion - It’s full of random food links and Disney love. I’m a huge Disney fan! (Some would say freakishly so). But, there’s a lot of Disney food porn on my blog, too.

What will you be baking for Cupcake Camp?
Going along with my theme of weird ingredients – I’m making Chocolate Mashed Potato cupcakes with a chocolate buttercream and topped with chocolate-dipped potato chips. I made them last week for my co-workers and they exclaimed it was the best frosting they’ve ever tasted and that the cake was super moist. I hope people will like them as much as the folks I work with!

Feel free to include any additional information about yourself, your baking, your favorite baking story, etc
I’m really excited to be a part of Cupcake Camp again this year. I was a bit intimidated last year – as I had just moved back to Massachusetts and didn’t feel that my baking was that good. But, I’ve taken the past year for tons of ideas and I hope it pays off. I can’t wait to connect with more bloggers and cupcake lovers out there. So, I hope you stop by and see me!

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