Thursday, May 10, 2012

Meet the Bakers: Well Baked Goods

Today, we introduce to you a baker who, since the last CupcakeCamp, has made the transition from amateur to professional baker. There are thousands of cupcakes at CupcakeCamp, so a cupcake has to be really good to stand out from the crowd. Days after CupcakeCamp 2011, I still remembered a certain Bananas Foster cupcake made by an amateur baker. That baker was Adam Ross, and he recently started up his own baking business, Well Baked Goods. Below, a sneak peek at what Well Baked Goods has in store for CupcakeCamp this year.

The infamous Bananas Foster- Banana cake with caramelized banana filling and cinnamon mascarpone buttercream. The caramelized banana is definitely my favorite part of this cupcake.

S'more- Graham cracker cupcake with a dark chocolate ganache center and marshmallow frosting. The cake here is buttery, with a rich graham flavor. Dark is an understatement when it comes to the filling. It is intensely dark and is the perfect contrast to the light and smooth marshmallow frosting. The three components together truly taste like a s'more, albeit, probably the best one you've ever had.

Southern Apple Pie- Vanilla bean cake, apple cheddar filling, whipped cream and candied bacon bits. The cake is soft in texture and flecked with real vanilla bean. It's a mix of savory and sweet and a far cry from your traditional cupcake.  

You can see more of Well Baked's offerings here and don't forget to check them out at CupcakeCamp! May 21st at Arts at the Armory.

Well Baked Goods
Somerville, MA

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