Friday, May 11, 2012

Meet the Bakers: The Frosted Cupcake Bakery

Today we're giving you a look at The Frosted Cupcake Bakery who will be participating in CupcakeCamp for their second time. Based out of Mendon, MA, Tracey McGrath started The Frosted Cupcake after receiving rave reviews for the cupcakes she made for her daughter's first birthday. She started making them for friends and family events, and in December 2010, officially opened as The Frosted Cupcake Bakery.

In setting up her own baking business, Tracey tried out 20-30 recipe variations to find the one that produced a cupcake that stayed moist. She wanted to be sure that her cupcakes looked good, and of course tasted good too. Her hard work has paid off. This, she won best dessert at the Taste of Metrowest. Tracey hopes to open up a storefront soon in the Framingham/Natick area. Below, a look at some of Tracey's cupcakes.

Fluffernutter- Vanilla cake with marshmallow fluff center and peanut butter buttercream. This is a peanut butter lover's dream, with a hefty dose of frosting and an airy fluff filling.

Red Velvet- red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I usually only like red velvet for the cream cheese frosting, but this cake is fabulous. The flavor is delightful, more chocolatey than red velvet tends to be, with a nicely sweet cream cheese frosting.

Key Lime Pie- key lime cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream and crushed graham cracker crust

Chocolate Strawberry- Chocolate cupcake topped with strawberry buttercream and a milk chocolate drizzle.

Tracey is expanding her meny offerings to nearly 60 flavors, some year round and some seasonal. Check out The Frosted Cupcake at CupcakeCamp!

The Frosted Cupcake Bakery
Mendon, MA

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